What's trending in hardwood flooring?

What's trending in hardwood flooring?

Choosing a solid hardwood flooring trend could cater to your decor needs best. These trends always incorporate the best visuals for a stunning decor match.

This is a significant consideration even if you're unsure what you're looking for. And the more you see these trends, the more ways you can find to use them.

Why a flooring trend?

Trends are a great way to stay current and up to date. It's also a great way to match your decor and raise the value of your home, all at the same time.

Trends are plentiful, and there's wood flooring for every homeowner. If you're looking for a new option, this is a great place to start shopping.

Here are some current hardwood trends

Whitewashed wood is one of the most popular trends in the hardwood flooring line. It caters to the chic farmhouse and beachy decor schemes with various looks.

Light stain colors are also trending, creating a stunning neutral-ish background. It's also a popular choice for pet owners because it hides dander, dirt, and debris for better visuals.

Wide-plank formats are an impressive choice, especially in larger spaces. This wood flooring is easier to install and offers fewer lines to break the visual appeal.

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