Get laminate flooring for your home

When you think about installing laminate flooring, you might not know about the many benefits you stand to gain from the material. It offers durability, beautiful visuals, and a lifespan that is more than accommodating. Consider these facts as you plan for your new flooring installation.

Waterproof laminate flooring or standard laminate?

Laminate offers impressive wood-look options with various species appearances, color options, and textured finishes to provide the most beautiful décor addition you need. But it's also incredibly durable, with rigid construction and various formats available. Also, there's more to laminate now than ever before, and it's perfect for some homeowners.

Waterproof laminate flooring is a perfect way to protect your floors from moisture, humidity, dampness, and occasional spills. It's ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, and foyers, as well as children's rooms and more. When you visit our showroom, we will make sure you have the opportunity to consider each option and what it can add to your household if chosen.

Installing laminate flooring is quick and easy, which means you’ll not only get to walk on your floors sooner, but you’ll also save money on the installation process. In addition, once in place, you'll love how easy these products are to clean and maintain, usually only requiring a broom and mop for the best results. Best of all, you’ll find a lifespan that can reach and exceed 20 years or more, so it’s certainly worth your consideration as you search for the perfect floor covering for your home.

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At Floorcraft Carpet, we offer outstanding laminate flooring in Thornwood, NY, with an excellent inventory selection and associates who are ready to work right alongside you. When you let us know what you’re looking for in a product, we'll try our best to match it. Your preferences and requirements are essential to us, and it shows in every part of our service to you.

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